Ini Arah Kita Tuju
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Assalamualaikum pembaca sekalian.
Kita selalu mengharapkan segala sistem di negara berubah menjadi lebih baik. Kalau boleh kita nak sistem pengangkutan kita lebih baik. Kalau boleh kita nak sistem pentadbiran kerajaan lebih baik. Kalau boleh kita nak sistem pembahagian zakat kita lebih baik. Dan yang relevan dengan Ahli Mesyuarat Tingkap tentulah hendak sistem penjagaan kesihatan kita lebih baik. Entah di mana silapnya. Pelajar-pelajar Malaysia terutamanya yang graduate Malaysia begitu knowledgable, sehinggakan tahap knowledge mereka dikatakan sama dengan tahap "registra" di UK. Tetapi aduan-aduan mengenai ketidakcekapan sistem kesihatan kita sering sahaja mengisi ruang-ruang akhbar. Mungkin inilah tuntutan sebenar kerajaan menghantar pelajar ke luar negara, tak kisah subjek apa. Tujuan untuk belajar nilai dan mekanisma. Belajar tentang kecekapan dan sikap.
Saya baru menghabiskan rotation Haematology (untuk non-medic i.e darah) di bawah tunjuk ajar Dr Robert JG Cuthbert, Prof Mary Frances McMulin dan Dr Jones. Berikut adalah email Dr Cuthbert kepada pelajar tahun 3.

Email 3- 5/12/03
"Dear Colleagues,
Re:SSC - Clinical & Scientific Aspects of Myeloproliferative Disease You may have heard that you have been assigned to the leukaemia/myeloproliferative service for your SSC in January. Our first meetingwill be at about 9.30 am on Monday 05 January 2009. Directions are asfollows:From BCH main foyer go past coffee shop and upstairs to BridgewaterSuite on C floor. At Bridgewater Rrception ask for directions to myoffice:
Dr RJG Cuthbert
Haematology Lab
C Floor
Belfast City Hospital
Tel. no. 90-263733 or BCH ext. 2359

The course outline and proposed time-table give you details about theactivities you will be undertaking, as well as the compulsorycourse-work/assessments. Some aspects of the timetable are flexible depending on suitable timesfor lab sessions, etc. The clinic times are fairly fixed. I want youto feel very much part of the haematology team whilst you are with us. "

Email 2- 8/1/09
"Dear Colleagues,
So that everybody knows what's happening (at this time of unpleasantviruses):Attached - update of programme with arrangements for lab. visits.Attached - project title and plan for the oral presentation.For those not here today - each student to present one of the 6 sectionswithin max. 6 slides and 6 minutes talk time, ie team effort. Studentgroup to decide who is doing which section.Phone me if you have questions or concerns. Please be reassured thatextensions are available on handing in cases and course-work, etc. ifillness gets in the way.Also could you each e-mail me a contact tel. no.(preferrably mobile), sowe can stay in touch as necessary.

"Esteemed colleagues,
See attached fairly recent review article on immunophenotyping (firsthalf is not relevant to the essay - go to section on blastic neoplasms).Hopefully, this will be helpful for background information, etc. foryour essay. Also attached - current national guidelines onimmunophenotyping for leukaemias. Although dated 2002 this guidance isstill active and forms the basis of our routine leukaemia diagnostic practice.

Walaupun dia seorang consultant, Dr Cuthbert menggunakan perkataan "colleagues" atau "esteemed colleagues" di kepala surat yang dihantar kepada kami murid-muridnya. Susah rasanya nak jumpa seorang yang di tahap tertinggi dalam kerjaya, tetapi begitu merendah diri.

Jika kita hendak menambahbaik apa-apa sistem di Malaysia, kerja kita bukanlah hanya menyuruh kerajaan buat itu dan ini, ubah itu dan ini, menuding jari kepada kerajaan kalau ada yang tak betul. Mungkin perlu, tapi perubahan takkan berlaku kalau unit-unit kecil i.e individu-individu dalam negara itu sendiri yang masih dengan sikap-sikap lama yang meng"hampeh"kan sistem lama yang sedia ada.

Doktor-doktor perlu ada sikap mulia, merendah diri, ingin berkongsi dan sebagainya. Cukuplah cerita-cerita pesakit di marah, pelajar perubatan dimaki, jururawat di hamun. Saya rasa kalau kita boleh merubah sikap, sistem akan berubah mengikut kita.

Kesimpulan: Evolusi sistem kesihatan negara memerlukan nilai-nilai murni untuk wujud dalam individu yang bekerja dalam sistem itu sendiri.

Huh, susah sebenarnye nak faham artikel ni.
Sori, publisiti sikit
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Muka macam mat rempit dalam jail lepas accident esp. kimi

Alamak, bila tengok gambar ni aku ingat plak ade orang dah bayar tapi tak dapat sweater. huh, camne Dayat, kite kene bayar balik ni. takpe, aku payung.

Huh EE Bio dapat B, aku ingat dia nak calon aku untuk Nobel Prize Biology

Let Photos Do The Talk
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Jerawat aku dah kurang.. huh

3 Jantan Macho

Jantan-jantan macho M04A

Dengan Kak Hasni yang khabarnya dah nak bersalin anak kedua. sumber gosip panas- pakdin

Dengan "mama" Nina. Miza la ni gatal nak ber"mama".

Reply from Nubli Fahimi to 4GAZA
17:34 | Author: mesyuaratingkap
Dear 4GAZA committe,
Yes I want this idea to be discussed in 4GAZA committe as I know you guys have enough resources, esteemed manpower, and geographically in the same city. Insyaallah you guys could put more ideas into this one to make it more effective. Like I said before we should continue with the current boycott and I think this new one should be carried out separately as it would target different subgroup of society. And I hope 4GAZA would carry out this campaign and at the same time I will also try to propose this idea to other GAZA/Palestine movement elsewhere outside UK Eire.

thank you
Reply from ForGAZA
17:13 | Author: mesyuaratingkap
dear nubli,
thank you for sharing this very fresh idea. If planned carefully and strategically, the proposed idea can yield its desired outcome.Your points and refrences seems sound indeed that i have no objections towards the feasibility of this idea-yet.I (currently the only one who have read this email thus far) am not sure if the purpose of your email was to propose a boycott for USA cars as part of our drive, seek for more ideas and discussion from the people in the team or something else but i would be happy to forward your idea to all in the best way possible if that is what you had wanted. we have FOSIS palestine campaign team and and for GAZA drive as well to sit together and discuss how ideas can be put into action. But in the menatime, do enlighten us on your idea for plans of action.

for GAZA

Walau bukan dengan sniper idaman, aku tetap pergi berperang. Takbir!!!!

Suddenly I got a new idea last night, when I was lying on my bed.

We know that the US economy is severely stumbling right know and the US gorverment is spending hunred billions to bailout important companies across the states such as banks, insurance companies, car makers etc.


we know that automotive industry is one of the most affected business due to credit crunch crisis lately. for example Nissan need to cut jobs around 1200 (if i'm not mistaken), Honda need to halt UK production until June 2009, Jaguar might need government bailout and the list goes on.

The same thing happen to 3 giant US car makers; GM, Ford and Chrysler.

I believe this can be used as an ultimate weapon if president elect Barack Obama won't change their policy towrads GAZA/Palestine conflict.

I believe if we carry out massive boycott campaign against these 3 car makers, they will colapse and maybe US economy profile too, by god will.

There are loads of reason why we could be successful:

1. US cars are not as good as European or Japanese cars.
2. We can influence Middle East countries and developing countries not to buy US cars. Not to be forgotten, there is quite big population of muslim in Europe especially France.
3. These companies are dying even before we put on any boycott
4. There is nothing addictive in cars. like some people they must drink coca-cola because they addicted to it, some of them must go to Tesco because it is really, really, really cheap, near their house, handy etc, again, some people feels like they can't breath if they don't eat mcdonald once weekly.
4. One car cost about £10 000-50 000, up to 50 000 times more expensive than a bottle of coke maybe, mean one person boycott same to 50 000 peoples boycott on coke. However I would suggest current boycott on Israel-related companies must keep going on.

and finally I enclosed part of Mr Farish Noor's article:

"....In a space of 12 months after the crisis broke out, I had written 2 academicpapers, given 8 talks and took part in six international conference on theissue. Now let me recount one of these conferences in some detail. It was aconference held in an Arab country that was put together by an American-Europeanbusiness planning institute and present at the meeting were CEOs of some of thebiggest players in the capitalist world. I am not at liberty to go into thedetails of the discussions we had due to the Chatham House rules by which weoperated, but let me just say that one CEO in particular was at the helm of oneof the biggest automobile companies in Europe.This is what the CEO of the European car company had to say to me: 33 percent of our exports go to the Arab world, and 15 per cent goes to the developingworld. If a major global boycott of our cars is carried out, we can hold out for6 months before retrenchments begin. After 12 months we close down for good,because we can never recover after such a thing.
Now these were the words of one of the most important CEOs on the planet.Cognisant of the fact that their luxury cars are increasingly bought in Asia andthe Arab world, he knew very well what a boycott of their cars would do. And theman was scared. Terrified in fact.That the CEO of a company as powerful as this could tremble before the prospectof a clientele that exercises their collective will is instructive. I saw thesame with the other CEOs and at all the business meetings I took part in during the 12 months after the Danish cartoon controversy..... "

I'm more than happy to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Mohd Nubli Fahimi Mustapa
3rd year Medical student
Queen's University Belfast
08:13 | Author: mesyuaratingkap
After discussion with Professor Alexander, I found few mistakes in my previous entry (my dissertation actually). Here are those:

1. “Leukemia is a cancer of bone marrow….”
According to Professor Alexander, the word “cancer” should be only used for epithelium malignancy i.e solid organ cancer such as lung cancer and skin cancer. Because blood has no epithelium it is inaccurate to use “cancer of bone marrow” thus I shall change it to “malignancy” instead of “cancer”.

2. “Leukemia is a cancer of bone marrow that produces white blood cells or leukocytes.”

Some books or websites define leukemia as white blood cell cancer (off course, inaccurate use of term “cancer”). Again this is untrue because leukemia actually not only involves white blood cells. According to the French-American-British (FAB) classification system, Acute Myeloid Leukemia can be divided into 8 subtypes, M0 through to M7, based on the type of cell from which the leukemia developed and its degree of maturity (1).

The eight FAB subtypes are;(2)
M0 minimally differentiated acute myeloblastic leukemia
M1 (acute myeloblastic leukemia, without maturation)
M2 (acute myeloblastic leukemia, with granulocytic maturation)
M3 (promyelocytic), or acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL)
M4 (acute myelomonocytic leukemia)
M4eo (myelomonocytic together with bone marrow eosinophilia)
M5 acute monoblastic leukemia (M5a) or acute monocytic leukemia (M5b)
M6 (acute erythroid leukemias), including erythroleukemia (M6a) and very rare pure erythroid leukemia (M6b)
M7 (acute megakaryoblastic leukemia)

M6 is also known as acute eryhtroid leukemias and we know erythrocyte is actually red blood cell instead of white. Don’t ask me what is the difference between M6 with eryhtrocytosis or polycythemia, I hope I know! Bottom line, leukemia is actually blood malignancy and not white cell malignancy.

3. “….. overproduction of immature myeloid cells i.e white cells other than lymphoid cells (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes and macrophages)”

Final correction, myeloid cell definition is NOT “white cells other than lymphoid cells”. Myeloid cell lineage also includes erythrocyte, platelet and megakaryocyte.

1. Wikipedia
2. Bennett J, Catovsky D, Daniel M, Flandrin G, Galton D, Gralnick H, Sultan C (1976). "Proposals for the classification of the acute leukaemias. French-American-British (FAB) co-operative group". Br J Haematol 33 (4): 451–8. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2141.1976.tb03563.x. PMID 188440
Leukemia is a cancer of bone marrow that produces white blood cells or leukocytes. It then can be classified into two main categories; acute and chronic. Chronic leukaemia is a slowly progressive form of leukaemia and tends to involve more mature cell types while acute leukaemia is rapidly progressive and involves more immature cells (blasts). However this dissertation will only focus on acute leukemia. Both acute and chronic leukemia can be further classified according to type of leukocytes involved; myeloid cells or lymphoid cells. Lymphoid type of acute leukemia, also known as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) involves overproduction of immature lymphoid cells i.e B-cells and T-Cells while Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) involves overproduction of immature myeloid cells i.e white cells other than lymphoid cells (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes and macrophages). Next subdivision of AML and ALL involve determination of specific type of lymphoid cells or myeloid cells respectively....... sampai lebih kurang 2000 patah. nasib baik 2000, kalo kene SSC yang 7000-8000 mau mate aku.. huh, sambung buat esei....
NUBLI, 121 Donnybrook Street.
p/s: Takziah pada Pakdin atas kekalahan 3-0, bole cuba lagi
hanya mampu berdoa
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certain gambar x sanggup aku tgk...

hanya mampu melihat dan berdoa...

11:11 | Author: mesyuaratingkap

kami gumbira bersama

::01012009, bangalore::

GAZA vs P036
10:37 | Author: mesyuaratingkap

haram jadah btol.. 

time patut hangpa demo.. hangpa tamau.. kali nh kecut plak ke!~

bikin malu aje.. 

Adakah Kau Lupa
13:16 | Author: mesyuaratingkap

Video ni menjadi lagu tema program Perhimpunan Ukhuwah Insaniah Seluruh Ireland 2006 (PUISI). Untuk Pengetahuan anda juga Saudara Asyraf / Acap bilik hujung blok A/ Acap Kucing merupakan tukang masak untuk program Puisi 2008. Saya menumpang bangga kerana beberapa kawan saya dah boleh memasak untuk program yang dihadiri ratusan orang. Manakala Rashid Blok B pula menjadi tukang masak untuk Program Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk 2008 (PMS) yang juga dihadiri 200 peserta (Brothers). Wah, lepas ni kalo nak kenduri tak yah laa kontrak mahal-mahal, kawan-kawan pon bole masak.

colour of india
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di kala aku tidoq di siang hari kismes.. aku di kejutkan ngan bunyi bising gendang2 india bersama2 segala2 mak bpak instrument dier la.. haha... lantas aku intai kat tingkap balkoni ku..

ternampak satu mende yg menarikkkkk........ SANTA naek GAJAH!!!! haha..

sorry ler.. dslr x beli lagik.. so sony cybershot t10 kaler pink gak yg available.. 


tgk.. size gajah tuh separuh bus yg tepi dier..

gendang2 diorg maen kt depan tuh la... mengganggu tidoq ku..

haha.. sami kot kat depan tuh.. sorang lgik kuli pegang payung

haha.. perayaan pe aku tatau.. tp pade hari kismes la.. nanti klo dah tau aku update.. hehe...

tp ape2 pon tuh kuil ayappa(kat internet ade kot.. bukan tuhan klo x silap aku.. dewa. dewa yg jage negeri karnataka.. include bangalore, mangalore ngan manipal) .. dayat lebeyh arif huhu...

pagi kismes.. ::cuti..tidoq..terganggu...gajah besar atas jalan depan umah:: haihhh....

busannye hidopp ku... haha

(sape nak kasik aku note OBG & dermatology di alu2 kan.. busan lerr tp x study2 gak.. pasnh ade end posting test.. haihh)

haha.. sorry x menarek pon post aku kali nh.. huhu

American Stail???
00:10 | Author: mesyuaratingkap

Malam td,mase g mkn2 kt kdai kt mall ngn member aku, ttbe ktorg ditegur ngn waiter, n die bg a piece of paper, resit mknn kot,,,die ckp ade mbak or cewek yg titip* kpd aku..aku usya la ke arah meje yg waiter 2 tunjuk kn..haha malang, cewek 2 dh brambus..aku xprasan pn sape die..sbb aku mmg xusya2 sgt pn cewek2 kt indonesia ni...Mr Loyal la kate kn..hihi so aku pn tgk2 la kt atas resit 2,ingt cewek 2 suh bayar die punye food,aku cuak la kn..siot je..ingt aku ni sugar daddy ke???huhu

Dgn tertanye2, aku pn belek2 la kertas 2,saje2 tgk2, aku pn terbalek kn la resit 2,de hp no,name n a note..haha lawak gile,aku ingt bende ni hanye blaku kt cite2 omputih je..rupe2nye ade gak kt indonesia ni,pengaruh muvie kot(ni aku gune utk ketidakpastian ok buden) haha

So d point is,aku buat bodo jela...aku n member aku tergelak2 je..sambil buat lawak,nth2 cewek 2 cowok ke, cewek 2 senanye Banci ke*, haha nth2 a bitch..haha no komen...we jus make fun of it..nothing serius..
n ktorg smbung mkn wlpn mknn die xsedap nk mati..haha tp dpt la pengalaman yg berharge..ahaks..mungkin utk certain perempuan ini adalah bende biase..but not 2 me..1st time ever..zmn2 skolah 2 adela..huhu tp not like tiz..ahaks ;p

*titip: pesan,tinggal kn utk
*Banci: Pondan
cewek xkn xtahu kn,perempuan

Evolusi Bahasa
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Evolusi bahasa: “Kot”
Semasa menyertai Pehimpunan Musim Sejuk anjuran Majlis Syura Muslimun (MSM) Disember lepas saya telah menemukan satu lagi evolusi bahasa Melayu. Secara asalnya perkataan “kot” bukanlah satu perkataan formal yang saya rasa tidak akan ditemui dalam Kamus Dewan. Perkataan “kot” dalam pertuturan seharian adalah tambahan kepada hujung ayat yang memberitahu bahawa penutur tidak pasti tentang kesahihan fakta yang diberitakan.


Teknik lama penggunaan “kot”:
“ Ntah, dieorang tak datang kot”
“Tak pasti aaa, aku sampai pukul 3 kot”
“ Dia tak bagitau pun. Dia nak kawin dengan sepupu dia kot”

Teknik baru:
“ Dia tu nombor satu masa kat sekolah kot. Nombor 1 dia, nombor 2 Sazali, nombor 3 Lili” (Pada hal penutur sedang memberitahu fakta)

“Teruk sangat kot. Aku tengak bahagian depan kereta tu remuk habis”

Seperti dikatakan, penggunaan “kot” pada asalnya adalah untuk menunjukkan satu ketidakpastian oleh penutur. Manakala penggunaan baru lebih kepada penyeri ayat, atau penutup ayat, seperti penggunaan “bah” oleh orang Sabah atau “maa” oleh oleh orang Cina.

Evolusi, Bukan Penggunaan Salah Tatabahasa

Saya lebih suka meletakkan perkembangan ini sebagai evolusi bahasa dan bukan penggunaan tatabahasa yang salah. Kerana bagi saya penutur sesuatu bahasa yang akan mengharmonikan atau mengkayakan bahasa itu dan bukannya penutur yang kena mengikut undang-undang bahasa bulat-bulat dan tidak menokok tambah. Ini penting kerana dalam zaman perkembangan ilmu dan memperkasakan bahasa, transformasi dan evolusi bahasa itu penting untuk memastikan kebolehidupan (survival) bahasa akan terus terjamin.

Lihatlah semasa Malaysia mula menganjurkan perlumbaan Formula 1. Tiba-tiba sahaja wartawan menggunakan istilah “hentian pit” untuk “pit stop”. Padahal tiadalah jua perkataan ini dalam kamus dewan mahupun telah disahkan oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Maka timbul persoalan, siapakah yang memacu evolusi bahasa, atau siapakah yang layak untuk menambah perbendaharaan Bahasa Melayu. Bagi saya jawapannya adalah penutur Bahasa Melayu secara kolektif, yang bermula dengan menuturkannya di satu peringkat awal, kemudian merebak ke peringkat nasional, sehinggalah diterima oleh panel Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Evolusi vs Salah Tatabahasa

Bagi generasi saya, hukum tatabahasa diajar dengan begitu mendalam di peringkat PMR. Tetapi agak malang kerana saya merasakan berita-berita di televisyen menyajikan penonton atau pendengar dengan penggunaan tatabahasa yang bagi saya kurang tepat. Maka apalah guna kita menggariskan dalam tatabahasa Bahasa Melayu KBSR dan KBSM itu dan ini, tetapi di dunia realiti hukum tatabahasa tidak begitu dipatuhi. Evolusi bahasa yang saya sentuh sebentar tadi haruslah diperhati agar kita bukan sahaja mengkayakan perbendaharaan Bahasa Melayu, tetapi juga mengelakkan pertembungan keterlaluan antara evolusi bahasa dengan hokum tatabahasa yang sedia ada. Proses pemindahan penggunaan bahasa evolusi dari hukum asal tatabahasa perlu dipraktikkan dengan berhati-hati bagi mengelakkan kekeliruan dalam komunikasi harian yang mungkin boleh mencetuskan sekecil-kecil salah faham kepada sebesar-besar pergaduhan.
Sempena Minggu Penghayatan IsLam
20:21 | Author: mesyuaratingkap
Bersempena ngn MPI, kelab fotography IMAM* atau lebih dikenali sebagai iPhoto (ala2 iPod, iMac la konon hihi) telah diadakan pertandingn fotography yg bernuansa kan Islam ( wut d heck is tiz?haha aku pn xpfhm d word of nuansa) aku dengan rase teragak2 (nk masuk ke x ni) la jgk, sbb nk lwn ngn geng2 slr* dr senior2..huhu aku pejam kn je mate ni..layan jela kn..bukak2 la laptop aku,crik2 pic yg seswai n ayat2 al-quran yg de kaitan (part ni yg plg susah kot n aku rase ayat2 ni la yg nk bg bernuansakn Islam sket..huhu)

Inilah karya2 yg aku anta..confident gle bole menang ni..haha xpe2.niat masuk pn supaya aku tahu kt mane kedudukan aku dlm arena fotograpy ni,ingusan2 lg ke,beginner ke..haha yg penting aku nk blaja n compare ngn org2 laen punya ilmu dan skills2.

Gamba ni diambil mase hari raya qorban br2 ni. aku gune camera member aku sbb cmera aku ade org lain pinjam..huhu 
Olympus 570uz, f/4.4, 1/125sec, ISO 64, edit with Photoshop Cs2

Gamba ni plak aku amek mase vacation 'Out frm Makassar' last weekn. Ini daerah Bone,tempat asal usul org Bugis dkat Sulawesi Selatan ni. ktorg stop by kt tepi jln semata2 nk maen2 kt bendang ni..almaklum la anak2 kota..huhu jakun sket..
Camera: Sony DCS T70, f/7.1, 1/200sec, ISO 100, edited with Photoshop Cs2

huhu agak2 korg aku menang ke x ei??huhu kalo menang pn, dpt no brape?haha utk makluman korg,ada due kategori yg dipertandingkan,camera digital n camera hp..aku ingt nk la jgk masuk hp punye,haha budget cm lg senang la kn nk xpe..

Kesimpulannya,aku dpt dpt no aku xtahu la yg mane satu menangkn.sbb sorg ble menang satu je.huhu layan..dpt la satu tumperware yg cute..nk buat ape pn aku xtahu la..utk simpan Lens for my Future D90 kot..haha Aminn ;p

*IMAM: Islamic Medical Association Of Malaysia.ada student chapter of Indonesia kt sini ;p
*SLR: Single LEns Reflect..ala cmera2 besa 2..haha ;p

~Kami HANYA insan BIASA~